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How Smiles are made....& Party Add Ons!

Standard Hand-Led Pony Rides

We rent our ponies per hour, per pony and included in your quote will be all transportation fees to your party area from our ranch. We go by google maps mileage to your location for pricing.

Rather you are a local Prescott area customer or further down the road, we look forward to adding that special touch to your party and a mountain of smiles to your child's face!

We travel far and wide to bring smiles to children's faces and add that special touch to your party!

We service the entire Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Dewey area as well as Flagstaff, Williams, Bullhead City, Lake Havasu City & Kingman!

Then after the rides are the optional......

Party Add Ons

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Call, Text or Email us for prices in your area.



(928) 273-9352


Please include your zip code for accurate mileage fees.

Thank you! 


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The Painted Pony

Our most popular party add on.....this one will leave a smile on your face and a giggle in your lil ones hearts! Young and old alike enjoy painting on the pony!

With this option we supply all the non-toxic pony and kid safe washable paints along with brushes and supplies for your party guests to paint their masterpieces on our gentle ponies.

This activity adds about 30 mins after the rides are done and costs $50.00 per pony.

***Rather you request to paint one or two ponies is up to your planning needs but a good rule of thumb is that about 7-8 kids can enjoy painting PER pony.


Summer time fun made a little more memorable with the Splish-Splash-Pony-Bath Option AFTER the rides are done your child and birthday guests will get the chance to get a little water fun and cool off with sudsy fun! Creative, gentle addition for all involved! Includes horsey shampoo and bubble bath with big SOFT sponges and washcloths dipped in 2 gallon buckets of water add a fun twist on your warm weather party!

This option costs $50.00 for 30 mins of water fun & no hoses are allowed for the comfort of the pony.

 ***Please remember this option is only available in the warm weather months of June, July & August and is best for small groups of 6-8 kids***

Princess Pony

For an extra $40.00 per pony, your party guests will get 20-30 mins of pony 'dress up' fun after the rides are done depending on number of guests. Your lil one will be transformed into a fairytale princess with wings, skirts, tiaras & costume jewelry to dress in. Ribbons and fun headbands to dress the pony up in for pictures. Braiding of manes and tails included in their fun and the older kids love to learn fancy braids on their pony!

 ***Average of 30 minutes dress up, costume and group picture time. This activity length depends on the kids speed in deciding upon their costume to wear.

Power Pony

For the superhero loving child in your life, we offer a way for your birthday child and his/her guests 30 minutes after the rides are done to transform themselves & their pony into the realm of crime fighters & super powers! 

Great activity for both boys and girls as we encourage silly and fun costumes.

This option is $40.00 per pony extra & we supply a chest full of costumes for the children as well as hero options for them to use on their pony!

 *** Average of 30 minutes dress up, costume and group picture time. This activity length depends on the kids speed in deciding upon their costume to wear.

Vet Check

Does your little one dream of becoming a Veterinarian? Well this is a great way to make that lil dream part of their special day! Vet Check adds 30 mins of fun to your party after the rides are done!

Includes the "Pick-A-Spot" game about horse bodies, stethoscopes for checking hearts, lungs and belly growls! Small party groups get to weigh and measure their pony as well as wrap bandages time permitting. Educating & Fun for all ages!!!

An overall wonderful memory for any animal lover in your family!

This party add on runs $40.00 per pony.

***Average of 20-30 minutes . This activity length depends on the kids interest in moving on to the next part of the session and age bracket of children attending.

Ponyback Party Games

A series of fun party games you can choose from to add to the pony rides, such as 'Ring Toss', 'Spikey Ball in a Bucket' or 'Carrot Toss', that your crew will get to play while riding the pony at their birthday party. All games are played while the pony wrangler leads the pony.

These games are designed to be easy enough for young children to play but challenging enough to keep older kids engaged! All players gets to choose a prize out of the treasure chest for participating. A Real Kid Favorite!

This Party Add On Costs $40.00 per party and can be played with one or more ponies at the same time with no extra cost.

***The games are played DURING the regular hourly pony rides.

Unicorn Carrot Toss

A fun addition to your Unicorn Themed Birthday Party! Your party crew will get to play while riding the pony at their birthday party while the pony wrangler leads the pony.

These games are designed to be easy enough for young children to play but challenging enough to keep older kids engaged!

All players gets to choose a prize out of the treasure chest for participating yet the top 3 scorers get a special prize!

The games are played DURING the regular hourly pony rides.

This Party Add On Costs $40.00 per party.

***Can be played with one or more ponies at the same time with no extra cost.

Ponyback Ring Jousting

This unique party addition gives a whole new meaning to party fun! The object of the "Ring Joust" is to collect as many rings in your turns as you can. We tally who has gotten the most rings & they collect a special prize for being the winning "Jouster of the Birthday Tournament".

The cost for this option is $40.00 & can include Knight Visors and Dress Up Chest Plates so the kids can feel the part for the "Jousts"! Younger kids can use short foam swords for an easier 'catch' of the rings and older kids can use the 'noodle sticks' for a harder game.

***This game are played AFTER the regular hourly pony rides and is a single pony option that adds 30 mins of game time for the kids to do a unique game.

Itty-Bitty Pony Necklaces

FEATURING your child's pony on a necklace to always remember the pony that helped make their day so magical! Ribbon color varies from Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Yellow, Black or a Simple Chain and we will add your child's pony charm !

This special little gift necklace comes in a small fabric gift bag and can be included with any pony package at $10.00 a necklace.

"Unicorn Sparkle Spa"

Add this 30 minute party option onto any party 

or use as a stand alone party activity for young or older kids......or even the adults!

Decorate your Unicorn with jewels, barrettes, glitter, colored ribbons, bows, beads, 

rainbow hair or just braid and brush your Unicorn.

Colorful Hands on Fun for All!

Micro Mini Party

Designed for the single child or toddler parties with only 1-3 kids attending, it has a limited ride time of 30 minutes and your choice of one 20 minute party add on. 

Vet Check, Power Pony, Princess Pony or Splish-Splash Pony Bath. 

(Painting option can be added to this package for an extra $10.)

The package includes 1 pony necklace and the total pony party time is about an hour so even your youngest toddler will enjoy the pony fun without fuss!

Ask for mileage pricing in your area or party location!

Pony Meet & Greet Days

We can also offer meet and greet pony fun where no rides take place and is more of a pet and picture type event for kids, adults, teens or anyone else who wants to hug a pony!

We can set up a learning presentation where the kids have some learning fun while meeting the ponies, a selfie booth or just hand lead the ponies around your location greeting guests and residents.

Makes a great way to add flair to your pre-school function, library function, school days, fun wedding activity or any other time you need some pony fun added to your get together!

Prices vary by location and presentation however most learning presentations start at $175 for an hour plus mileage.

Large Festivals / Public Events

Community Event, Corporate parties, Festival, Church Days and Wedding pricing is usually different than private parties.

So if you feel your school event, church event, town festival or other public event may qualify under that community category please email us with event details and we will get you some accurate pricing options for your event!

We also offer help with themed festivals such as Unicorn, Fall or Christmas. But your imagination is the limit for themes and ideas.

Prices vary by location and event type such as pony ride or pet only events.

Contact with your ideas we would be happy to help and give you pricing ideas.

Pony Ring Options

We can deliver to your event a 3, 4 or 6 Pony Ring accompanied by 2 pony attendants to help kids on and off. Sweep set-up requires a 25X25 area for safety and crowd control. 

Mixed pony sizes with a maximum of 75 weight limit on larger ponies on the ring. Weight limit on smaller ponies is often 60lbs.

We have a 2 hr minimum on all sweeps.


*3 Pony Ring Price: $550 for the first 2 hrs * PLUS* Mileage to your location.


*4 Pony Ring Price: $600 for the first 2 hours *PLUS* Mileage fees to your area.


*6 Pony Ring $750 for the first 2 hrs *PLUS* mileage fees to your area.


Extra Hours: 

3 Pony Ring: $150 each extra hour

4 Pony Ring: $175 each extra hour

6 Pony Ring: $250 each extra hour


Yes, we can do extra half hour increments.

Unicorn Photo Shoot

Rather you rent one of our Unicorns and use your own photographer or let us recommend the very talented Sarah Embree who took this photo with all it's sparkle, we are happy to help make all your Unicorn Dreams come true!

We offer both White and Golden Unicorns for photo shoots as well as unique colors such as black, painted or bay ponies with horns that match their colors. 

You will also be able to pick your color theme for Unicorn ribbons.

***We DO NOT provide a photographer for this option. We are happy to help you find one that will work with you but we ONLY rent the Unicorns.

Average cost is: $175 per hour minimum.

Mileage fees may apply.

Snack Pack Pony Pack

Add that special touch to your birthday party, corporate event, company picnics, wedding, family reunion or holiday get together! For both kids and adults parties the Snack Pack Pony Pack will add a unique and fun way to distribute cold drinks, individual chip bags, cookies, candies, flowers, brochures, gift bags or another sealed item to pass out to your party guests.

The Pony mingles through your party passing out goodies and greeting your party guests. Perfect for the grown up in your life that adore ponies! All the ponies used for this fun service are 35" inches or under in size so there are lots of ooohs & ahhhs to be had over your tiny server.

Average Cost is $175 first hour and $100 per extra hour needed + Mileage.

 Mileage Fees Vary by Location.

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