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" Mini Petting Pen"

Our itty-bitty petting Pen is perfect for the animal lover in your life. 

Young and old will love meeting one or more from the following each group each group of animals:

GOATS: "Stephanie Alfredo, Sometimes, Yoda  and/or Duffle-Bag".   

SHEEP: "Jalapeno, Lullaby and/or Chickpea"

 DONKEY or MINI HORSE: "Velcro the mini Donkey" or one of the adorable mini horses on our pony crew.  

Your party guests will be able to feed the animals with pelleted food we provide or an approve animal friendly snack just as lettuce, apples, carrots or other veggie treats that you provide and pet the animals through the Observation Station fencing where the animals are contained. May substitute for a unicorn or reindeer pony in the feeding station for a small extra fee. This fun mini zoo can be reserved by itself or may be added onto an pony party options.

~~~Please send us your party or event location when you contact us for accurate pricing.~~~

The Fairy GOAT Mother Party Option

Is a fun, unique and whimsical way to add a touch of goat fun to your party! An individual GOAT wearing fairy wings and sporting a tutu shows up to the party for your guests to groom, brush, decorate with bows, flowers, barrettes and necklaces! The littlest to the oldest love this activity and it makes for a fun ending to your party as an add on or use it as a stand alone party idea for your goat lover! :)

Prices: $50 as a Party Add On (20 mins) or $175 for a stand Alone Party (60 mins).

Bring Big Smiles to Your Littles Faces!

What our customers are saying

So thankful to have had the 

Itty-Bitty Ponies out for the 3rd yr in a row!

~Kari Jean Wright~

My daughter had so much!! For her birthday she wanted to ride a horse and she got her wish!! Thank you guys for doing this, it’s so amazing!

~Kaylie Clifton~

You guys made her dreams come true! She has wanted to ride a pony for MONTHS! Thank you SO MUCH! And, thank you for being so wonderful to your beautiful ponies. They are lucky to have you.

~Shannon Marie Davis~

Thank you so much huckleberry and itty bitty pony parties! MaKenna had an awesome 6th birthday today ❤️

~Ashley Schibi-Dorrell~

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