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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about planning a pony party?

First, we are always here to help but as a general guideline your going to pick a party location. Rather that be your own backyard, a friends house, grandma or grandpas yard, a local park or a venue of your choosing. We only need about as much room as it takes to walk a circle around your average size car. We have done parties in smaller areas and anything else is just a bonus. For planning purposes average 20X20 or larger for the pony. Remember, more ponies require more area. :)

Then you go about deciding how many ponies you feel are within your budget for the amount of kids you will be hosting. We recommend 1 pony per approximately 10 party guests, however that number can differ if your birthday boy or girl is going to want a pony for themselves to ride and one for the guests to share. :) As a guideline, 1 pony per 8-10 kids is good for planning. Then you will go about choosing a party add on or two if needed. Please be aware those add about 30 mins to the party after the rides are over. If choosing to do the painted pony, 1 pony can be painted by approximately 8-9 children so you may have to allow time for turns to paint or add a second pony for painting. Finally, pick a day and time you'd like then contact us for availability. We will take down all your info to reserve your time slot. Remember to book early since weekends fill up first.

Can We Come To Local Parks?

Yes we can. We frequently work with the Parks & Rec Department in both Prescott, Arizona and Prescott Valley, Az. Prescott Valley requires that a FREE form be filled out if reserving a parks Ramada however our insurance is on file with both cities so it is an easy form to fill out. Most HOA's only need a copy of our insurance to allow ponies to be at the community parks however it is your responsibility to ask. While most HOA's have no issues with the ponies on your private property for an hour or so, yours may have an additional requirement for public parks, such as areas or times allowed parties. If you need help with information in this area of party planning we would be happy to help, just ask. :) Please Remember YOU are responsible for all permits, Ramada rentals and property owners permission for a party.

Do we need a deposit to reserve a pony for our party?

No, we do not need a deposit up front to reserve your party. While you are certainly welcome to pay before your party date it is not required. We collect payment the day of the party when we arrive to have you sign paperwork. We accept cash, card upon arrival to the party or can send an invoice out for online payments ahead of the party date.

What payment option will I have to pay for my party?

 We accept cash or credit card upon arriving on party day. If paying with a credit or debit card we do add 4.5% to your party total for transaction fees.

If you prefer to pay ahead of time or online, we can email you an invoice to be paid anytime before or on the due date printed on the invoice. Due dates on invoices are most often 48 hours before your scheduled party date and are required to be paid before the party in full unless prior arrangements have been made. Online/Invoice payments have a 4.5% transaction fee associated with them. We use PayPal, Venmo or Square for these online payment services.

We do not accept personal checks. We can take business, church, foundation, or city\town issued checks on party day but prior arrangements must be made with us for their acceptance.

Do you have a minimum age for riders? .........And how about weight limits?

We do not have age requirements however if your lil one is too young to mount and hold on to saddle horn while on the pony then you will be asked to walk beside the pony with your child for stability and safety. Since we offer helmets for all parties you will have the ability to choose for your child rather to wear one or not for his or her ride. The choice is yours, it is not mandatory.

Pony weight limits are decided by the pony attending your party. We will ask the approximate weight of the birthday child to choose an overall good match for your party goers. While our smallest pony crew member is a more toddler friendly size and carries only about 35 pounds, some of our larger ponies can carry 75-85 lb party guests. We are always willing to help you plan. We can also do younger teen parties (13-14 yrs old) upon special request and pricing. Please contact for details and requirements. (Please Note***Pony Ring weight limits are 70 max)

Are there extra charges for Unicorn, My Lil Pony, Superhero or for Ribbon Color choices?

No, there is never an extra charge for your theme choices. Rather you choose a Unicorn, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, Batman, Superhero, Pirate, Ninja Turtle, Western Cowboy or Cowgirl, Princess, Camping theme or any other theme or ribbon colors you can dream up, you will never be charged extras for that pony décor! Just let us know what colors or theme your party will be and we will help get the ponies decorated to match it!

Do we do parties at our ranch?

No, we do not offer any party facilities at our ranch.

We do however have the ability to be quite mobile with the ponies so we can meet you at your house, neighbors house, grandma or grandpa's house or even a local park of your choosing. Please keep in mind that some parks are more pony friendly than other. We would be happy to help you chose a park in your area.

What about Weather?

We operated year round, 365 days a year. We also call or message a day or two before the party to double check info and do last minute weather checks for your party so we can decide rather to proceed in winter.

One of the bonuses of living in Arizona is our beautiful weather so we are able to offer year round pony fun. We can ride in light sprinkles or light snow as well gorgeous sunny weather. In fact it often adds to the fun for the kids to have a light mist or a flurry of snow while they are enjoying pony time! We often work around the local monsoon season and postpone rides for a few minutes until a shower passes if the rain goes from sprinkles to a more steady fall. During summer time we schedule parties earlier or later to avoid the heat of the summer sun or choose a local park that provides shade for pony goers. Several pony activities can be done under awnings and in the shade of a favorite tree!

Whatever time of year, the fun is!

Can we do large events, community events, weddings, schools or other public functions?

Yes, we certainly can! We do all kinds of both public and private large events! We offer everything from youth learning programs for schools or libraries to community involved pony booths at festivals. We can offer either pony rides or hands on pony activities at your large events! We carry insurance for all those venues that need them. Often in this larger events a 4 Pony Ring is better suited. Prices are listed under party services tab and mileage fees are extra. Just ask us to help plan your special day! We LOVE to get creative with pony days! Unique Pony interaction is our all time favorite and can be customized for your specific needs and group size! Everything is better with a pony involved! :)

Do the ponies enjoy the painting? ...........And are the paints non-toxic?

We only use ponies in our pony paint crew who enjoy their day at the pony spa filled with a brush massage, the gentle painting of little hands and we only use non-toxic paints. Since each of our ponies are considered our family here at Itty-Bitty Pony Parties we never force our ponies to do any of the activities, painting or otherwise that they do not enjoy. We consider them individuals and as such they each have their likes and dislikes. Some enjoy the dress up, some the painting, often napping while the kids brush or decorate them and others prefer to give rides only. We will certainly only pick ponies that are comfortable with the jobs that you request at your party.

***All paints used are washable non-toxic paints that are safe for both children and ponies. ***

How do I know if your coming to a festival or event in my area?

Local Public Festivals, Hometown Carnivals, Library Learning Days are all important pony fun days to us.

If you give our Facebook Page a "Like" you will always be in the know! We list all our public events for our pony fans, rather that be the local hometown carnival, the community fun day or the Summer Library Learning Days. We include any information that we have on that event such as times and any costs that might be associated with the event. Our Facebook Page's link is listed below so go give us a "Like" and be one of the first to know when the ponies will be in your neighborhood!

I filled out the contact information form & have not heard back within 24 hours....what do I do?

Please Pardon our technology if this ever happens! :) We never mean to miss you!

If you have not heard back from us within 24 hrs after filling out the online contact form, please forgive us. It simply means we did not receive your request due to a technical glitch or an email address error. You and your pony party requests are very important to us and we never mean to miss you!

You may email us directly at and bypass the third party web host for a quicker response time, contact us through our Facebook Page or you may call or text us directly at 928-273-9352.


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