A 34" beautiful Palomino cutie! Rootbeer is a husky, well built miniature horse who has a heart as golden as his body! He is LOVED by all who meet him! He makes a beautiful & unusually colored Unicorn or Alicorn! Rootbeer always brings smiles to the little ones faces! He loves attention & enjoys his apples! He is so curious he is nosey and will explore your treat bags and birthday presents for things he can play with! Funny and personable......Rootbeer is a kid favorite!

Rootbeer's weight limit is 60 lbs

Gummy Bear...

Gummy Bear is sure to be a hit at your next party! While he enjoys dressing up as a Unicorn to delight the little ones he is also always willing to create smiles for any party you might have! Gummy Bear is 32" tall white gelding and is about 14 yrs old! He loves oat granola bars and baby carrots as treats and is always willing to try a new fruit! Friendly and gorgeous to boot, what more could we ask from this little man! :)

Gummy Bears Weight Limit is 55lbs


Cherub is a 4 yr old curious and clever mini horse. She is about 37" tall. She is always the barn clown and is full of playful mischief and mayhem! She is a gentle unicorn and is always ready to make your party sparkle and shine with a little Unicorn fun! She loves romaine lettuce, apples, carrots and granola bars!

Cherub's Weight Limit it 60lbs


The life of the party, Huckleberry is full of personality. He loves kids and is well suited for even the youngest of riders but large enough for rides with your larger party guests. At home in the barn, he enjoys a good carrot or apple and the way to his heart is through his tummy! :) Huckleberry loves to pose for pics! At 12 yrs old Huckleberry is a shining example of a Shetland pony and many of our ranch neighbors refer to him as "The Pretty Boy"! He doesn't mind all the attention that name gets him. Huckleberry enjoys meeting everyone and playing in the pasture with his pony friends here at Itty-Bitty Pony Parties!

Huckleberry's weight limit is 85lbs


Is super loving and ever so patience with the little ones. She's a Hackney & Shetland pony cross who has been a ranch pony most of her life. She has done many jobs in the mountains with her lil cowgirl on her back and loves to go. ! :) She makes the kids comfortable with her sweet nature and is a great pony for even the younger kids in your group! Poptart loves cantaloupe and apples with some carrots to top it off!

Poptart's Weight limit is 75 lbs


Cupcake is a 17 yr old Shetland Pony cross mare who makes a great superhero pony. She is patient and kind. Cupcake is a good pairing at pony camps also and is always the first to greet kids as they come into the barn. Cupcake has done lots parties, festival and events which makes her a great choice for your backyard fun! She enjoys baby carrots and apple slices as favorite treats.

Cupcake's Weight Limit is 75lbs


Dandelion is a super sweet 17 yr old Halflinger cross pony with a heart as golden as his coat. :) He is always willing to dress up as a Unicorn or wear a bandana for a Cowboy party! Dandelion loves hanging out with his best gal, Cartwheel and sharing carrots or apples with his pony family. Handsome and sweet! :)

Dandelion's Weight Limit is 85lbs


The pony crew sweetie, Bandaid always making us smile. She is friendly, curious & is often the first at the gate to be caught. :) She came to us with an eye injury that has since been healed but her need of a "bandaid" when she first arrived has stuck with her in her namesake. :) She loves to be groomed and given neck scratches. Bandaid is a 20 yr old Chocolate Palomino Shetland Cross mare and is the most vocal of the pony team member. She is always talking to her people. She enjoys apple slices and baby carrots as treats.

Bandaid's Maximum

Weight Limit 75 lbs


Most people who meet Bacon for the first time fall in love with his cuteness but their first question always is, "How did he get the name Bacon?"......well he is Irresistible! Just like that last piece of Bacon is. :) Bacon is a 6 year old Appaloosa miniature horse who is as sweet as he is handsome. He does festivals, parties and has even made appearances as a spotted Unicorn. He is gentle and patient for all ages. :)

Bacon's Weight Limit is 60lbs


At 31" Pixie is the smallest member of the Itty-Bitty Pony crew! What she lacks in size she more than makes up for in heart! She is gentle for even your most timid riders and is a kid favorite at toddler parties. She is so calm and loving she makes a perfect paint pony for your littlest party guests. Pixie makes an adorable princess or princely pony for your lil angels! With her huge and kind eyes she embodies a Disney like quality to her lil face! You'll fall in love with her too! :)

Pixie's weight limit is 35lbs


A 33" beautiful Gruello cutie! Muppet is a miniature horse who has a heart as big as her belly! She loves attention & enjoys her apples & carrots back at the barn. She is funny and super friendly! We enjoy her ever moving and exploring nature! Gentle for even your youngest riders! She was born in Texas at a monastery! What a fun birthplace!

Muppet wears costumes and has often been seen dressed as a Ninja Turtle for birthday parties, Halloween and Trunk or Treat Events! She has done photo shoots with some fun themes and is easy to fall in love with! :)

Muppet's Weight Limit is 45 lbs